Have you ever been to Field Station Dinosaur? Well if you haven’t, you are missing out on so much FUN! I went their two times, once on a field trip, and the other time i went was with my family.      
    The website Field Station Dinosaur, has so many things to look at and learn. But when you are there in person you learn so much more. I learned many things, like The T-Rex has about 300 teeth. Also that the t-rex walks on his claws. Did you know that?
dinosue2.jpg - Sue, the T-Rex, traveling exhibit
dinosue2.jpg,Diane Cauchy,Sue, the T-Rex, traveling exhibit,Midland, Michigan
2006,Cauchy, Diane. dinosue2.jpg. 2006. Pics4Learning. 1 Jun 2013 http://pics.tech4learning.com

Also, I have learned that New Jersey has a dinosaur, it is the  Hadrosaurus foulkii! I've learned that just like in Jurrasic Park , there thinking about remaking dinosaurs. Go  here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNwW0HXVQdc  and you will find out a lot of imformation about the movie. I found it very interesting.

Additionally, I have learned that most dinosaurs are related to
birds!  It has the head in a shape of a bird. You know when I heard that I
started thinking”Really, oh yeah it is in a shape of a bird, kind of”. But one
bird that is related to a bird an is a dinosaur is a Archaeopteryx. If
you look at the picture below you will notice it , if you look at it

Photo Credit: Archaeopteryx via Compfight.
As you can see now you know some facts that I know! What    do
you think of this blog post? Answer all of my questions in the comment section!


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