Have you ever been to Liberty Science Center ? I have it is very fun there. Here is a picture of how liberty science looks like, below.
 Photobucket via Liberty Science Center

     I learned that there is many diseases someone can get. Like influenza, HIV, and many other diseases. I have learned that many of those diseases are contagious. Now you know what I have learned of diseases.

     I also did a experiment about HIV. We first put our equipment on, then got started. What we had to do was act like we had a patient. So we had to follow the  steps on this computer. We did our experiment, and my group found out that our patient number 2 had HIV.

     We also watched a movie called Sammy's Escape. It was about all of the sea animals, but they were acting dead because they wanted to escape and while they were acting dead people put oil in the water. So then they didn't need to keep acting because some of the fish were dying. So they had to let the fish go, It was sad but then good.

     Now you know what I did. I hope you liked my blog. Have fun one day you go there!



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