For those kids who want to be a awesome superhero you must
read this!  In order to be a great super hero read below.
*super hero powers

    Did you know that
superhero powers are great to be a fantastic superhero.  One reason why
superhero powers are great because you can do more things faster, and
better.  For example, the ability to fly, makes it easier to go to
different places quicker.  Also another example is the ability for strenght
it would be easier to lift heavy stuff.  So as you can see, superhero
powers are very important.

*loyalty to the people

characteristic is loyalty.  Being loyal to the people is a must because if
you don’t care about the lives of others how can you be a superhero.  And
if you are gentle and careful they will most likely accept you.  Another
example will be a lady in a harmful situation that needs help and the super hero
will get their quicker then any one else.  Therefore, the lady will be
careful and thank him.

*protecting other people

     My third reason
is to be protective of all the people.  That is what all superheros are
supposed to do.  One reason why this is important is because the people
will think your the best superhero in the world and appreciate your
services.  People will also trust you with their lives and want you around
more often.  So what super hero won’t wan’t that.

*bieng smart

     My fourth reason is
that every super hero must be intelligent.  Without thinking before acting
things can get messy.  And as you know people aren’t too fond of
mistakes.  Superheros need to think of stratergies.  To keep everyone
with harms way.

*Enhanced sences

     My fifth thing my
superhero would have to have is enhanced sences.  With this power he will
be able to catch things faster if they’re falling.  Hear things normal that
people can’t.  And also see things that is unseen to others.  All this
will help the superhero be more aduanced than others.

*special weapons

     Lastly, My superhero
would have special weapons to help him out to fight the enemy.  Such as
Spiderman with his webs or Wolverine with his metal claws.  But these
weapons can 0nly be used by the superhero that way no one can get hurt. 
And not only that but these weapons can help save the people from anything bad

     In conclusion a
super hero can have many different characteristics.  But my ideal superhero
would be smart, loyal,and protective.  Not only that but he will also have
powers, enhanced sences and special weapons that he can only use.



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