Well there are many classes that are great on kid blog.  One good class
is Mr.Salsich’s Class. They are fantastic in many ways.

The ways they are great as a class is that they provide evidence, uses the
six traits, and the details. One example for these ways are that I checked
Alana’s animated blog and I loved how she provided evidence like, pictures. Also
Alana used details .That is good because then if they provide evidence and they
give details the person who is reading will understand better and will be able
to visualize what they are reading. But that is a few things not all of

The best kid blog from Mr. Salsich’s class is Amanda’s fantabulous blog. It
is Amanda’s blog because she did everything well. For example, she had voice in
her writing, organization, ideas, and sentence fluency, also she provides
evidence, like pictures. I think she has to be the winner because she used
everything she needs to make her writing better. Also these are the ways to
improve your writing. So as you can see this is why I want Amanda to be the

There are many ways my class can improve our writing. One way is to look at
other blogs and compare your writing to yours. Another way to improve your
writing is to write more often. Also you can start reading more so you will know
how to write properly and you will get ideas. These are all ways you can improve
your writing.

In conclusion these are all ways that Mr. Salsich’s class is great. Now you
know that I think the class that is great is Mr. Salsich’s class.



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