Do you know ten things that you like and are LESS than one dollar? 
Hmmmm… you may need to think for this question. Well If you can’t think of
anything read below and you will soon know my top ten things I like, and they
are less than a dollar.

1.Utz chips, salt and vinegar: I love salt and vinegar chips of utz. They are
so delicious. You don’t know how much I LOVE those chips. In fact, now that I
think of it those chips are probably the only chips I bring to lunch, for

2.Candy: Yummy yumm. I Love candy more than chips. Listen, I know it is bad
trust me I do. But it is that it has this type of touch… Like, when I eat it it
makes me want to drip into gummy bears . When you eat candy what type of feeling
you have?

sdoldtowncs.jpg - Old Town Candy Store sdoldtowncs.jpg, Melinda Kolk, Old Town Candy Store, San Diego, California,December 2006,Kolk, Melinda. sdoldtowncs.jpg. December 2006. Pics4Learning. 18 May 2013  
3.Gum: I chew gum all the time, just not in school or important places. Gum
is like a mint but you have to chew it, though. Some people think that gum is
candy but it is a big different thing, trust me.

4.Chocolates:  I don’t like chocolate that much as the others. But my
favorite chocolates are Kit Kats, and others. Do you like chocolate? Why?

candywrappers.jpg - Halloween Candy candywrappers.jpg, Jocelyn Halloween Candy Beaverton, Oregon, Oct. 2010, Jocelyn. candywrappers.jpg. Oct. 2010. Pics4Learning. 18 May 2013 cream ( sandwiches): Those ice creams are delicious. I taste like a
mixture of chocolate and vanilla. When you taste ice cream how is it?

 6.Sodas: At my corner store sodas only cost 50 cents. I mean sodas, like Coke
Cola , or Pepsi.  I love sodas but now I stopped drinking sodas. Now I
drink juice and water.

coke.jpg - soda can coke.jpg, Alessandro Paiva, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil, 17/03/2008, Paiva, Alessandro. coke.jpg. 17/03/2008. Pics4Learning. 19 May 2013
7. Flavored Ice ( ice pops, popsicles): I love it! Flavored ice is just ice
with this type of flavor. Like, cherry, blue berry, and other flavors. Ice pops
and popsicles are pretty much the same thing. But they have some things
differently. Which at of the three do you like, and why?

 8. Butter roles and regular roles: At the place I got to is my corner store,
so the regular roles there are big and has a lot of bread at the store. The
regular roles there are 50 cents only. But the butter roles yummy yumm... They
are good. That’s only 85 cents there.

 9.  Seeds: The seeds I am talking about are sunflower seeds or ranch
seeds, and many more. I don’t mean bird seeds, trust me I don’t. Plus I would
never eat those seeds. What type of seeds do you like?

 10.50 cent cakes: I love 50 cent cakes!!!!!!!!! There delicious, and not that
much money. The first time I tried them I thought that it was going to be 5 or 3
bucks. But it wasn’t that much money. I love the it is so sweet, though.

Can you think of ten things that are less than a dollar? If you do then just
comment in the comment section. Bye- Bye, I hope enjoyed my post.

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06/05/2013 8:24pm

Dear Dayanara,
I LOVE salt and vinegar chips! I bring those everyday. I also love sunflower seeds they are so addictive!


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