One night I was getting ready to go to sleep. I was wondering, what type of dreams will I have today? So, I went to  brush my teeth.  I went to bed afterward , I fell asleep, then. Next thing I know I was in this type of fantasy world, with candy and a lot of
birds. But there were good birds and bad, So I had so much fun. Until I saw the
bad birds, the birds swooped down and grabbed me. I flew away with
them... Wow what happened? I noticed to go with my crazy,  but fun imagination.
candy_counter.jpg - Candy Counter at Weston Village Store candy_counter.jpg, Sara Dickey,Candy Counter at Weston Village Store,Weston, Vermont,June 28, 2012, Dickey, Sara. candy_counter.jpg. June 28, 2012. Pics4Learning. 3 Jun 2013   What do you think of this 100 word challenge? Write it in the comment section. Have you ever had a dream related to this word prompt?  


Lisa Team 100wc
06/07/2013 7:08pm

Dayanara, this has some atmosphere. Next time, you could make the section about the bad birds really quite scary! Keep reading and writing Dayanara


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