My life as an artist has been a fantasic and
marvelous event to my life. Many people know this about me and others
don’t.  I have realized many things in art.If you want to learn more about
my life in art then this is one thing that will lead you to know more about
     There are many things that myself and art
relate to. Like, I have been drawing since I was just a little girl.I like to
draw or should say I love to draw. A whole part of my life is dedicated to
art.So as you can see this is a part but there is more.

     I even know some things about
art. Like, there is mant types of art here is some Abstract, Cubism, and other
types too. I’ve also learned that there is things in art like optical illusions
and other things. But that is my whole part. So now you know about art

as you can see I love art. And there is more things you know about art. Now you
know more about my life. So I hope you liked it.

By: Dayanara  



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