Do you know how living things get energy?  I do.  All
living things in an ecosystem need water, nutrients, growing space,
and  temperatures that allow them to grow and reproduce. Above all,
they need energy to survive. It comes mainly from sunlight.
     I also know other
facts. Another fact is the sun’s energy enters the ecosystem and flows through
all living things. It changes form as it moves through the ecosystem. Also the
energy flow starts in planets. During a process called photosynthesis, green
plants use energy from sunlight to change carbon dioxide and water into food and

     So as you can see a
change in a living or nonliving part of an ecosystem upsets the balance in the
ecosystem. For example, the materials that decomposers break down become
nutrients in the soil that plants need. But many places have living things,
Therefore living things are a big part of nature.



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