Do you want to be a hero? Well read below to know what hero really needs. These may help you be a hero now or even in the future.

It takes to be hero is that you need to be loyal, intelligent, and even you have to be safe. Being a hero is to protect people and not only that yourself too.

One example of heroism is that you save a person from a bad person, like a stranger that is trying to hurt you or teal something. Another example is that you save a person from the bad guy before, it does something terrible.

Some heroes that I know of is my family and friends. But just like in movies, Spiderman, Superman, and many other heroes too. Those are true heroes. You can count on them, trust me you can.

Heroes possess great, helpful, and cool qualities. But also there is bad qualities, and heroes want to make sure they don’t get the bad qualities. Because they are useless, and they don’t help at ALL. Also they need to have, bravery, they need to be courageous, and generous, too.

Heroes act in many ways. But they have to make sure they choose those types of reactions that are great to be a hero. First of all you need to be loyal, intelligent, and safe. You need to be loyal to the people, you need to be intelligent so you can solve puzzles, and finally you need to be safe so the person doesn’t get hurt.

My hero is my family and friends. I know that I can trust them. And that they can always trust me . Who is your hero? Why? 



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