Many people don’t realize what they do to our
environment.  People mistreat our environment by throwing garbage in the
streets and tossing bottles in the rivers.  Another way people mistreat the
environment is by cutting down the trees.  We need to help mother nature,
not destroy it. That is why I am going to give everyone some tips to improve
     Some ways to improve
nature is to recycle bottles, cans, and paper.  We can also clear the
streets from garbage so cars can drive better without causing damage. 
Animals can also suffer such as the animals living in the rivers.  Baby
ducks usually die from oil spills that people throw in rivers.  Another way
is to grow trees because it will give animals a new or better home.

     Therefore it is
important to keep our environment safe for the animals and ourselves.  We
need to help prevent harm to trees because it is also our source of
oxygen.  If we all come together and help out, like volunteering in nearby
community services.  I believe we can make this happen.  So remember
these tips and do whats better for our future.



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