As the sun came out… I glanced at the shiny
light over my eyes. It was my dream, to have such a beautiful day. I noticed
that later on that, it was a wonderful and delightful day. Minutes later I found
something, that my friend Angelika told me about, a little squirrel named brown-
brown. He was in my bedroom eating some nuts. When I found him I said “Oh my
this is brown-brown!”.The next day I went to school the whole story was told…
She was in shock, so I went to her house and returned him…
Do you know what are audits? Well audits is
when a person is observing your blog, but you take notes of their reactions.
Also after the person is done reading or skimming your blog, you ask questions.
But the questions below are for me to answer so keep reading.

 1. How many posts did you write (different
post on weebly and kidblog)?

 On my kidblog I have
18 post. On my weebly I have 10 post.

 2. How many were school based (assigned by
Mrs. Vilas )

 I did 5 post
Mrs.Vilas told me to do and I did 13 post by my self some are the blogging
challenges but the rest aren’t maditory.

 3. How many comments did you receive from
classmates, teachers or overseas students?

 I have had 24
comments on my kidblog, from clasmates, teachers, and oversea

 4. Which post received the most comments?
Why do you think that happened?

 The post that got
the most comments is ” My Favorite Things”. I got 5 comments on my post. I think
I got a lot of comments because i wrote of something interesting, people would
want to see if they have the same things as me. So that is probably why I got 5
comments on my post.

 5. Which post did you enjoy writing the most
and why?

 The post that I
liked writing about was ” Everyone Helping Nature”. I liked it because I feel
like that post will atleast make a change, for people to help nature. I think it
was fun.

 6. Did you change blog themes at all and why
(on kidblog)?

 Yes I actually did
change my backround a few times. I changed it because, then people can visit my
blog a lot. So then I will have a lot of comments, and they will keep

 7. How many widgets do you have on weebly?
Do you think this is too many or not enough?

 I have 4 widgets. I
think that it is just enough, because if you have a lot of widgets you will have
to keep on scrolling down. So if you don’t have a lot you don’t need to do

 8. How many overseas students do you have on
your blogroll on weebly?

 I have 9 overseas
students. I hope you liked my post! Comment below so I know what you

 Do you have more
overseas students or less?

 My student ( Kiara) audit:

 What were your first impressions of this

 Kiara’s first impressions was that I work
hard on my blog. Kiara was happy and excited about “Recycling” the post. She
says that it will probably improve over the summer.

 What captured your attention?

 What captured her attention was that we
almost had the same peopl. Kiara said I had a lot of personality in my writing.
She said it is great, the blog is beautiful.

 What distracted you on the blog?

 Kiara said was that I had no catergories (
it was fine because she didn’t either). Also that I wasn’t commenting back to my
visitors. But then she noticed on some I did.

 What suggestions can you give me to improve
my blog?

 One suggestion she said was to add more
vokis. It would be more interesting on my blog post, so people can hear my voice
on my blog post.


 What were your first impressions of this

When she was reading my “All ABout Me” page,
she was happy that she learned more about me, she said.

 What captured your attention?

 What captured her attention was that she
liked my dog. She was impressed that I made my virtual pet. She was impressed
that she saw her name.

 What distracted you on my blog?

 What distracted her was that one of my post
was smushed all together into a big paragraph.

 What suggestions can you give me to improve
my blog?

 She suggested that it would be done,first on
weebly. Because it is easier and nicer.

 Parent ( Father)Kidblog audit

 What were your first impressions of this

His first impression was that he was
surprised by my posts. That also my writing is great.

 What captured your attention?

 My dad says taht he likes the pictures I
chose. He says the fine writing.

 What distracted you on my blog?

 Something that distracted him was that there
was no coloring in the font. It would be cuter and better.

 What suggestions can you give me to improve

 Well if you put coloring or different size,
people would want to read more. The people would want t o read more.


 What were your first impressions of this

 His first impression was that it was well
thought out and it is well- detailed writing.

 What captured your attention?

 His answer was how I stated my opinion about
every characteristic.

 What distracted you on the blog?

 I didn’t reread for proper grammer. There
are some grammer mistakes.

 What suggestions can you give me to improve
my blog?

 To reread the blog often. Also try to use
higher vocabulary.

 Teacher ( Mrs. Santiago’s) kidblog

 What were your first impression of this

 Mrs. Santiago was impressed of my writing,
that also I have a blog and I get to see my peers write. She was impressed by my

 What captured your attention?

 She was excited that it has pictures with
specific details. Also that I put a post about stuff less than a

 What distracted you on the blog?

 One thing was I put “there delicious”
instead of ” They are” or “they’re”. But nothing else.

 What suggestions can you give me to improve
my blog?

 She said if I put 3 pictures for 3 of them
then put pictures for the rest of all of them. Also to look at other

Here is my story. I hope you enjoy it. <iframe src="" width="600" height="538" frameborder="0"></iframe>.
 For those kids who want to be a awesome superhero you must
read this!  In order to be a great super hero read below.
*super hero powers

    Did you know that
superhero powers are great to be a fantastic superhero.  One reason why
superhero powers are great because you can do more things faster, and
better.  For example, the ability to fly, makes it easier to go to
different places quicker.  Also another example is the ability for strenght
it would be easier to lift heavy stuff.  So as you can see, superhero
powers are very important.

*loyalty to the people

characteristic is loyalty.  Being loyal to the people is a must because if
you don’t care about the lives of others how can you be a superhero.  And
if you are gentle and careful they will most likely accept you.  Another
example will be a lady in a harmful situation that needs help and the super hero
will get their quicker then any one else.  Therefore, the lady will be
careful and thank him.

*protecting other people

     My third reason
is to be protective of all the people.  That is what all superheros are
supposed to do.  One reason why this is important is because the people
will think your the best superhero in the world and appreciate your
services.  People will also trust you with their lives and want you around
more often.  So what super hero won’t wan’t that.

*bieng smart

     My fourth reason is
that every super hero must be intelligent.  Without thinking before acting
things can get messy.  And as you know people aren’t too fond of
mistakes.  Superheros need to think of stratergies.  To keep everyone
with harms way.

*Enhanced sences

     My fifth thing my
superhero would have to have is enhanced sences.  With this power he will
be able to catch things faster if they’re falling.  Hear things normal that
people can’t.  And also see things that is unseen to others.  All this
will help the superhero be more aduanced than others.

*special weapons

     Lastly, My superhero
would have special weapons to help him out to fight the enemy.  Such as
Spiderman with his webs or Wolverine with his metal claws.  But these
weapons can 0nly be used by the superhero that way no one can get hurt. 
And not only that but these weapons can help save the people from anything bad

     In conclusion a
super hero can have many different characteristics.  But my ideal superhero
would be smart, loyal,and protective.  Not only that but he will also have
powers, enhanced sences and special weapons that he can only use.

Do you know how living things get energy?  I do.  All
living things in an ecosystem need water, nutrients, growing space,
and  temperatures that allow them to grow and reproduce. Above all,
they need energy to survive. It comes mainly from sunlight.
     I also know other
facts. Another fact is the sun’s energy enters the ecosystem and flows through
all living things. It changes form as it moves through the ecosystem. Also the
energy flow starts in planets. During a process called photosynthesis, green
plants use energy from sunlight to change carbon dioxide and water into food and

     So as you can see a
change in a living or nonliving part of an ecosystem upsets the balance in the
ecosystem. For example, the materials that decomposers break down become
nutrients in the soil that plants need. But many places have living things,
Therefore living things are a big part of nature.

 Many people don’t realize what they do to our
environment.  People mistreat our environment by throwing garbage in the
streets and tossing bottles in the rivers.  Another way people mistreat the
environment is by cutting down the trees.  We need to help mother nature,
not destroy it. That is why I am going to give everyone some tips to improve
     Some ways to improve
nature is to recycle bottles, cans, and paper.  We can also clear the
streets from garbage so cars can drive better without causing damage. 
Animals can also suffer such as the animals living in the rivers.  Baby
ducks usually die from oil spills that people throw in rivers.  Another way
is to grow trees because it will give animals a new or better home.

     Therefore it is
important to keep our environment safe for the animals and ourselves.  We
need to help prevent harm to trees because it is also our source of
oxygen.  If we all come together and help out, like volunteering in nearby
community services.  I believe we can make this happen.  So remember
these tips and do whats better for our future.

Well there are many classes that are great on kid blog.  One good class
is Mr.Salsich’s Class. They are fantastic in many ways.

The ways they are great as a class is that they provide evidence, uses the
six traits, and the details. One example for these ways are that I checked
Alana’s animated blog and I loved how she provided evidence like, pictures. Also
Alana used details .That is good because then if they provide evidence and they
give details the person who is reading will understand better and will be able
to visualize what they are reading. But that is a few things not all of

The best kid blog from Mr. Salsich’s class is Amanda’s fantabulous blog. It
is Amanda’s blog because she did everything well. For example, she had voice in
her writing, organization, ideas, and sentence fluency, also she provides
evidence, like pictures. I think she has to be the winner because she used
everything she needs to make her writing better. Also these are the ways to
improve your writing. So as you can see this is why I want Amanda to be the

There are many ways my class can improve our writing. One way is to look at
other blogs and compare your writing to yours. Another way to improve your
writing is to write more often. Also you can start reading more so you will know
how to write properly and you will get ideas. These are all ways you can improve
your writing.

In conclusion these are all ways that Mr. Salsich’s class is great. Now you
know that I think the class that is great is Mr. Salsich’s class.




As you wake up, you look around and realize you don’t recognize your
surroundings. You’re in the forest, laying beside a creek and a mangy dog that
looks more than a little hungry. You stand up and begin to walk towards what
appears to be a clearing in the trees. As you reach the edge, you see a strange
house. Not only is the place unfamiliar, but you’re not even certain you’ve
awakened in the year 2008. You see a flash of red hair so bright you initially
think its fire, but then you realize it’s actually a girl. I walked up to the
young girl and asked her what her name was. She replied “Allison”, what’s yours.
So I said Dayanara. As we walked around the forest we saw an abandon house. We
started observing the house when a dog started to follow us. We decided to sit
down and talk but we still noticed the dog. It ran back and forth to the living
room and back. Minutes later we followed him because something felt wrong.

The dog started to bark nonstop to a closed door so we opened it slowly.
Scared of what we might see, it went in and layed down. Since they didn’t see
anything or anyone out of the ordinary we entered also. Then suddenly, we heard
noises coming from the upstairs bedroom.  We both decided to run upstairs
and see what it was. We saw a little boy run into a closet when they appeared. I
stood still, scared that we were in danger but not Allison. She on the other
hand went in like nothing was wrong. She found him and asked him who he
was.  He said his name was Toby and he lived in the forest. Then she asked
him why he hid from them. He replied that he was frightened by them like they
were of him.  Allison and I looked at each other without saying a word.
Then I realized that it was only a few more hours till night time.

As we walked out the room Allison told me that Toby said he had always heard
noises in the house. I began to wonder if it true or not since they knew little
about him. The dog stayed and I started to believe it was just the dog but I
didn’t really know. All the thinking made everyone tired so we all decide to go
to bed. Allison and I slept side by side and so did the mangy dog and Toby.
Hours later I woke up and I recognized that I wasn’t in the forest anymore. I
was in my house safe with my friend Allison beside me. Then and there I realized
that it was all a dream. A weird dream at that and I knew I wanted to share this
story as soon as she woke up. Until then I decided to go back to sleep and see
where else my imagination takes me.

There is many people I would like to interview.  But now I am only going
to tell you about ten people I will like to interview.  Now these people I
am going to interview are not only going to be my relatives but they can
probably be my relatives friends or my relatives that passed away.

One person I would like to interview is my mom’s grandma wich is my
great grandma.  I would like to interview her because from what I’ve heard
she was loyal to people.  Also I would like to interview her so I
could learn the good times my great grandma had with my mom.  But not
only that, but because then if I would interview her and maybe I would probably
learn more about my family that I don’t know about yet.  So that is one
person I would interview but there is more to it.

My second person I would interview is my grandpa.  I would love to
interview my grandpa because my mom would always tell me that he was a good
man.  Also I would interview him because he was the person my mom grew up
with.  But I would also like to ask him some questions about my mom i don’t
know about.  Therefore, I would interview my grandpa.

Additionally, my third person I would interview is my brother’s friend
Johnathon.  I have heard that Johnathon was a really nice friend to my
brother.  I would also want to interview him so I would learn about the
fantastic moments he had with  my brother.  And  because to bring
him back to life so my brother won’t feel bad that his friend that he knew since
like third grade won’t feel bad anymore.

My fourth person I would interview is a fantastic celebrity and it’s
Taylor Swift. I would like to interview her so I can ask her questions about her
childhood and  why she likes to sing. And also because I love how she
sings. But even though I know some things about her i will still ask some other
questions. So that is one person I will iterview.

Another celebrity I will interview is someone that is in heaven and she
is called Selena Quintanilla Perez. I would love to interview her because she is
my favorite artist. Also i would’ve asked her if she could sing one song to
me.  And I would ask her about herself. But there is more.

My six person I will interview is Beyonce. I would like to ask her questions
about how she started to be an artist. I would talk to her about her daughter
Blue Ivy and her family . For Beyonce I will ask her many questions. Therefore,
Beyonce will be one person I will interview.

My seventh person I will interview is Barack Obama. I would ask barack obama
that how does it feel being a president of the united states of america.
Another question I would ask is how does it feel to be the first african
american  president.

My eight person I will interview is Shakira. I will want to
interview her because I have heard that she helps a lot of kids in need. Also i
would ask her more about her foundation, and if she has other celeberties
helping her. And I will also ask her how does it feel about being a new

My ninth person I will interview is Federick  Douglas. I will ask
her if it was hard to be a civil rights fighter. Another question I will
ask her if she went to jail for a long time.This is one of the most popular
people of the civil rights leaders and fighters.

Lastly, my last person I will interview is Mr. Murphy my principle of my
school. He is a very great man. I will ask him a question like why did you
decide to be the principle of our school.This is my last person.

In conlusion thses are all 10 people I would love and like to interview
some day.

My life as an artist has been a fantasic and
marvelous event to my life. Many people know this about me and others
don’t.  I have realized many things in art.If you want to learn more about
my life in art then this is one thing that will lead you to know more about
     There are many things that myself and art
relate to. Like, I have been drawing since I was just a little girl.I like to
draw or should say I love to draw. A whole part of my life is dedicated to
art.So as you can see this is a part but there is more.

     I even know some things about
art. Like, there is mant types of art here is some Abstract, Cubism, and other
types too. I’ve also learned that there is things in art like optical illusions
and other things. But that is my whole part. So now you know about art

as you can see I love art. And there is more things you know about art. Now you
know more about my life. So I hope you liked it.

By: Dayanara