Do you want to know which 3 blogs you need to visit? Well if you do read below please. Those blogs are great!!! Isabelle: One reason I would visit Isabelle's blog is because she has Fantastic vocabulary!! But not only that I feel like she writes with such a inspiration, and very well detailed writing. Another reason why is that she writes with emotion, and thats good because then your feeling the emotion. Trust me you will want to visit her blog. Cayla:One reason I would visit Cayla's blog is becasue she has great vocabulary. Also she even writes with emotion, and also with very well detailed writing. My last reason is because I feel like she writes with inspiration. So this is another blog you will need to go to. It is also great. Juliana: One reason why you should visit Juliana's blog is because she has very well detailed writing, also because she has good vocabulary. Another reason is because I hear her voice when I read. Lastly because she also writes with inspiration. Now you see that this is my last person. So now you know why you shoud go immediately to there blog post read and you must comment on their post. So I wont cause more time hurry and go read and comment!!!Bye- Bye


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