As you wake up, you look around and realize you don’t recognize your
surroundings. You’re in the forest, laying beside a creek and a mangy dog that
looks more than a little hungry. You stand up and begin to walk towards what
appears to be a clearing in the trees. As you reach the edge, you see a strange
house. Not only is the place unfamiliar, but you’re not even certain you’ve
awakened in the year 2008. You see a flash of red hair so bright you initially
think its fire, but then you realize it’s actually a girl. I walked up to the
young girl and asked her what her name was. She replied “Allison”, what’s yours.
So I said Dayanara. As we walked around the forest we saw an abandon house. We
started observing the house when a dog started to follow us. We decided to sit
down and talk but we still noticed the dog. It ran back and forth to the living
room and back. Minutes later we followed him because something felt wrong.

The dog started to bark nonstop to a closed door so we opened it slowly.
Scared of what we might see, it went in and layed down. Since they didn’t see
anything or anyone out of the ordinary we entered also. Then suddenly, we heard
noises coming from the upstairs bedroom.  We both decided to run upstairs
and see what it was. We saw a little boy run into a closet when they appeared. I
stood still, scared that we were in danger but not Allison. She on the other
hand went in like nothing was wrong. She found him and asked him who he
was.  He said his name was Toby and he lived in the forest. Then she asked
him why he hid from them. He replied that he was frightened by them like they
were of him.  Allison and I looked at each other without saying a word.
Then I realized that it was only a few more hours till night time.

As we walked out the room Allison told me that Toby said he had always heard
noises in the house. I began to wonder if it true or not since they knew little
about him. The dog stayed and I started to believe it was just the dog but I
didn’t really know. All the thinking made everyone tired so we all decide to go
to bed. Allison and I slept side by side and so did the mangy dog and Toby.
Hours later I woke up and I recognized that I wasn’t in the forest anymore. I
was in my house safe with my friend Allison beside me. Then and there I realized
that it was all a dream. A weird dream at that and I knew I wanted to share this
story as soon as she woke up. Until then I decided to go back to sleep and see
where else my imagination takes me.



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