There is many people I would like to interview.  But now I am only going
to tell you about ten people I will like to interview.  Now these people I
am going to interview are not only going to be my relatives but they can
probably be my relatives friends or my relatives that passed away.

One person I would like to interview is my mom’s grandma wich is my
great grandma.  I would like to interview her because from what I’ve heard
she was loyal to people.  Also I would like to interview her so I
could learn the good times my great grandma had with my mom.  But not
only that, but because then if I would interview her and maybe I would probably
learn more about my family that I don’t know about yet.  So that is one
person I would interview but there is more to it.

My second person I would interview is my grandpa.  I would love to
interview my grandpa because my mom would always tell me that he was a good
man.  Also I would interview him because he was the person my mom grew up
with.  But I would also like to ask him some questions about my mom i don’t
know about.  Therefore, I would interview my grandpa.

Additionally, my third person I would interview is my brother’s friend
Johnathon.  I have heard that Johnathon was a really nice friend to my
brother.  I would also want to interview him so I would learn about the
fantastic moments he had with  my brother.  And  because to bring
him back to life so my brother won’t feel bad that his friend that he knew since
like third grade won’t feel bad anymore.

My fourth person I would interview is a fantastic celebrity and it’s
Taylor Swift. I would like to interview her so I can ask her questions about her
childhood and  why she likes to sing. And also because I love how she
sings. But even though I know some things about her i will still ask some other
questions. So that is one person I will iterview.

Another celebrity I will interview is someone that is in heaven and she
is called Selena Quintanilla Perez. I would love to interview her because she is
my favorite artist. Also i would’ve asked her if she could sing one song to
me.  And I would ask her about herself. But there is more.

My six person I will interview is Beyonce. I would like to ask her questions
about how she started to be an artist. I would talk to her about her daughter
Blue Ivy and her family . For Beyonce I will ask her many questions. Therefore,
Beyonce will be one person I will interview.

My seventh person I will interview is Barack Obama. I would ask barack obama
that how does it feel being a president of the united states of america.
Another question I would ask is how does it feel to be the first african
american  president.

My eight person I will interview is Shakira. I will want to
interview her because I have heard that she helps a lot of kids in need. Also i
would ask her more about her foundation, and if she has other celeberties
helping her. And I will also ask her how does it feel about being a new

My ninth person I will interview is Federick  Douglas. I will ask
her if it was hard to be a civil rights fighter. Another question I will
ask her if she went to jail for a long time.This is one of the most popular
people of the civil rights leaders and fighters.

Lastly, my last person I will interview is Mr. Murphy my principle of my
school. He is a very great man. I will ask him a question like why did you
decide to be the principle of our school.This is my last person.

In conlusion thses are all 10 people I would love and like to interview
some day.



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