Do you want to know what are my ten top educational games are?
Well if you want to  know check it out.

1.Sumdog- In Sumdog you can play games and learn.
But not only that your competing against other people. Sumdog will help you
probably increase a grade. Or even you can start getting ready for the next
grade you are going to.

2.spelling city-In
spelling city you can play games and increase your spelling. The games you play
there are helping you for your excellent word choice. So I would use this to
help me with my word choice.

3.funbrain- When you are on funbrain the best
thing is that you get to learn reading and math in a fun and in a
advertising method. 

4.jognog- Jognog is a type of website that you get
to play games and learn. In Jognog you get to learn more social studies , and
many more classes. Jognog will probably help you pass all of your

5.coolmath4kids-When your
at this website there’s so may things you can do here. You can learn science,
math, reading, and even art. This website will probably make you so smart
everybody will want to be your friend!

6.freerice- This website is also helpful because
you get to play math games and other subject games. Also you can learn test
preparation. This may help you SO much.

7.pbskids- This website is for younger kids but it
can probably help them. You can play letter games, math, science, and other
things too.

8.Brainpop- In this website you  can learn
many subjects. You can also watch videos. But also brainpop you can do quizes
and even get a head start of learning new things.

9.ixl- In this website, you won’t miss a moment of
math. If your absent you can go here to get help. Plus, you can start learning
ahead of your grade.

10. primarygames- When your
on this, you can learn and even print out worksheets, for math, and even
reading. You can also read books on the bookshelf.

What is your favorite educational



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