What do you think you may do with a sock that has holes ? Well if you want to know what to do with one then this is your piece to destiny.
        One thing you may do with a sock that has holes is make a sock puppet. Like the ones in movies when the kids have nothing better to do. What you may do is make a
circle around two holes and act like it is eyes. Then the rest you may color it
red and act like it is a shirt, and color any type of hair color. That is one
way to do something with a sock that has holes.

        My second thing is make the socks in to new socks.  You can get different
types of color threads then stich it to the sock. Then the sock will look like a
sock with different colored polka- dots all over it.  And this I call my
friend “fashion”.

        My third thing is pillow stuffing. Also when people don’t stuff their
pillows they get headaches. .Some people use the socks to make their
pillows more fluffy, and better to lay down.  But this is something that
can help you too.

        Also other people may use the socks as rags.  They can use the rags if they are
cleaning windows, to polish furniture, polish your car, or even enchant
things like antiques.  So socks can be used as rags.

     You can also use it as a moldable heating pad. First fill it with rice and sew
the end shut. Then put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Finally you have
your own moldable heating pad.

       For those people that have a pet cat you may make your own toy.  First you
fill it with catnip. Then sew it shut. Finally the cats love rolling on them
and carrying them around.

    Another way people use the socks is by making it into a bag. Like if some day
you go to a beach use your sock to carry all those shells and pretty rocks you
found. Then go home and you can look at them.

        Thus, you can make toys for dogs too. Once you make them your dog will be ready to start playing with you .

        My ninth thing is you cut them into strips. So that you can use them in the garden.
You take a strip and you tie the plant to a stake. So that the plant can grow
straight and strong.

    My last thing is that you may use it as a soup bag.  You can keep it safe,
and then it wont break.

   In conclusion, these are the 10 things that you can use a sock that has holes in
it. But now you may know that there is not only 10 things but there is more
too . 



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